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Herbert Schmid

– born 1961
– technical college for electronics
– graduation as a physician and 5 years employed in a hospital
– since 1993 self-employed artist

After several workshops in the field of glassfusing and –casting in Germany,  Switzerland and Austria ( Klaus Moje, Giles Bettison, Matthew Curtis, Tom Rowney, Claudia Borella, Kirstie Rea and Rudi Gritsch (Austria)), I started to connect steel,stainless steel and casted aluminium with glass.
– 2011- Master class Northlands creative glass /glass casting with Ivana Sramkova and Angela Thwaites

-2014-Pichuck glass school (USA)-sculpting Color&light with Richard Whiteley und Heike Brachlow

An important statement of my artwork is the depiction of color depth and the vibrancy of the material as such, as well as the flow of colors,shade and transparency in combination with light.

Due to the long kilntime of the glass elements that sometimes take days or even weeks,it is necessary and very interesting to work on several objects simultaneously,which gives me the conceptional freedom to get the necessary distance to every single object and to obtain a certain objectivity to evaluate it.

Since 2003 I increasingly work in the field of big-sized objects, which possess the challenge to melt and colorize several tons of glass and connect the glass- and steel components in an balanced proportion.

Several realized objects:
– 2003 water sculpture Fa. ETA-Heiztechnik  Hofkirchen
– 2007  two huge architectural objekts(6 m high Fokus, Mikado) Fa. Amsec  Hagenberg
– 2000 water sculpture  Sparkasse Wels
– 2001 water sculpture Raiffeisenbank Thalheim
– 2005 architectural objekts Raiffeisenbank Gunskirchen
– 2009 winner oft he first prize-art and architecture- Musikschule Gunskirchen
– 2009 mortuary chapel evangelical Church Wallern glass sculpture
– 2011 huge indoor water sculpture Hirsch-Linz
– 2011 published in the book   LOOK -Design in Upperaustria
– 2012 evangelical Church Wallern glass/stainless steel sculpture
– 2012 Church in Rif together with Rudy Gritsch ( several casted glass elements)